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Christmas CD

"I love this CD!!! It's got the best bunch of Christmas originals I've ever heard, and also some wonderful standards. (Mr. Grinch as an intervention is really funny.) My favorite originals are Every Year (beautiful!) and December (also gorgeous). My husband liked I Love A Man In Uniform best, a big band sexy-type piece. The originals are surprisingly well written and quite varied. The whole CD is a delight." - Bookworm review on

Lullaby CDs

Also available now are her two lullaby CDs, "Little You" and "The Oasis."  Parents will appreciate the sophistication and beauty of the songs that so effectively cause children to relax and ease into slumber.  

Cabaret Demo Songs

Cabaret demo songs and excerpts can also be heard on this site.  If you think you "know" Merrill's voice or style after hearing the lullabies, try a cabaret song and viva la difference!  If you think you "know" Merrill's sound after listening to one cabaret song try another!  There is no one sound or style or interpretation. There is Merrill's voice, which encompasses many.

Brief Artist Recording Bio

Merrill Leffmann has written numerous songs and arranged most of the material that she has performed and recorded.  Her vocal training includes a Masters in Vocal Performance and years of study with top national teachers.  Her performance experience includes a wide diversity of genres including cabaret, barbershop, jazz, folk, opera, pop and art song.  In addition to recording many cabaret songs, Merrill Leffmann has created two lullaby CDs and has just completed a Christmas CD for the 2013 season.

Artist Available for Performances

Merrill Leffmann is available for performances in the Phoenix area and its surroundings, including Las Vegas. 

Artist Available to Help YOU Record

Would you like to record that special song for someone or something?  Merrill offers excellent voice lessons and studio help to get a quality recording you didn't know you could make.