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Lullaby Singles

I think of lullabies as liquid love.  They pour love into people’s hearts and lift our spirits by letting us know how thrilled the world is that we are alive.  There is a need for this feeling that I don’t think we outgrow.  Finding or creating such songs, and bringing the sound I hear from them into the world, is a deeply rewarding endeavor.”                         
                                        - Merrill Leffmann

"One of the nicest voices I've ever recorded."
                   - Alan Goldwater (sound engineer and producer for over 20 years)

"Merrill has an uncanny ear for nuance and pitch."       
                             - Tim Hunnicut (sound engineer for over 20 years)


Karoake Tracks
Karaoke tracks of some of these songs are available for purchase.  Interested parties can contact Merrill for pricing.

Singing Lessons
Is your singing waking your children up while you're trying to lull them to sleep?  Merrill offers singing lessons in Scottsdale, AZ.  (Is your singing voice putting people to sleep while you're trying to entertain them?  People near Scottsdale, AZ, have a great source for lessons!)