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With outstanding singing, fresh material, diverse styles and characterizations, gorgeous costumes and fun choreography - these cabarets are a delight. 

Open Format Cabarets
Open format cabarets present songs that work together musically and theatrically. These cabarets are always available with material that is ever changing. Adaptable, unique and thoroughly entertaining, be ready for a caliber of entertainment you didn't know we had here. 

Theme Cabarets

Theme cabarets unite material around a single theme. These cabarets are by available by season, whim and request.

Shows includes:

Make Me Laugh

Outrageous and often original songs, costumes, props and incredible singing!  It's unique, memorable, musical and laugh-out-loud entertainment.  1 -3 singers.

15 - 90 minute shows.   G-rated or bawdy.  No swearing.




A Christmas Cabaret

This is Christmas like you've never heard it. Original songs mixed with familiar classics, and classics with a new twist.  Come to the Christmas cabaret for an exuberant blend of beauty, laugh-out-loud humor and heart. 

20-75 minutes.




The Princess Diaries

Created for German Karneval in Arizona, the skeleton of the show is three parody songs - the first, later, and last entries of a Princess Diary. A gorgeous costume, outrageous songs, and a large ostrich fan are just part of the fun.
15-30 minutes




So This Is Love

All the frolick of a cabaret, taking on original and fun look at love.  Original songs, paradies and known and unkown gems compise a large body of rotating material.  You'll laugh, nod with recognition, sigh with relief that that's NOT you at present.  Costumes, props and choreography add to the fun.

30-60 minutes




Mother's Day Cabaret

Created for - you guessed it - Mother's Day!  This one-woman cabaret captures the magic of motherhood through original, parody, unknown and famous songs.  Great material and performance make this a show to remember!

15 - 60 minutes.