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Voice Lessons

Does your voice crack or strain?  Are you strong is one range and weak in another?  Ms. Leffmann excels at teaching students of all ages balanced, healthy and exciting singing.  A voice teacher for over 15 years, Ms. Leffmann has continually refined and advanced her teaching techniques as well as her own performances.  Her teaching methods are an eclectic blend of what is most effective, and draws from many schools of teaching including Speech Level, Garcia Marchesi, CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music) pedagogy, Ann Thornton, and much personal exploration..  Effortless technique is the servant to masterful musicality and authentic communication. And it can all be very fun!

All levels are welcome - from singers struggling to sing on-pitch, to people who want to recapture a joy of singing they have misplaced, to casual singers who want to sound better in their choirs and showers, to pre-professional soloists, to professional singers experiencing vocal difficulties.

Merrill Leffmann sang as a jazz soloist until she explored opera while earning her M.A. in Voice.  Ever restless to expand her vocal horizons, Merrill has continued to study and perform many genres including cabaret, musical theater, classical, jazz, barbershop, pop, and country, and teaches voice students the core of great singing that is the foundation of every style.